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Traditional Barrel Brewed Shoyu Soy Sauce        雅 360 - 濃口醬油 140ml
  • Traditional Barrel Brewed Shoyu Soy Sauce 雅 360 - 濃口醬油 140ml

    (Price in $ AUD ) 

    🌟 First 20 bottles of "Pre - Order" Shoyu is now available🌟 (See below for more details)


    Traditional Fermented and Barrel Brewed Shoyu (Soy Sauce) (365 days wood barrel aged, Single Pressed)  


    Hand crafted soy sauce made in traditional brewing method. 

    Four simple ingredients, Soy Bean, Wheat, Salt and Water

    100% Australian ingredients. Made in Queensland, Australia 

    NO Additives 


    Follow the tradaition brewing method, naturally fermented for more than 360 days across the four seasons, allows all ingredients to take its time to slowly transform and develop layers of natural flavors.


    Unlike some soy sauce made in mass production, Cinwaan soy sauce allows all ingredients to fermented and transferred by microbe which created a deeper layers and more complicated flavours, producing more natural sweetness and balanced saltiness to pair with other food, 


    Brew Time:  At lease 365 Days 

    Ingredients: Organic Soy Bean, Organic Wheat, Sea Salt, Water 


    🌟 First 20 bottles of "Pre - Order" Shoyu is now available for Australia exclusive 🌟

    We are thrilled to announce that our first batch of Barrel brewed Shoyu (Soy Sauce) is set to be ready by the end of February 2024!, this exclusive batch will be the first to distribue from our first Shoyu barrel.

    🔹 Limited Availability Alert! 🔹
    We will have only 20 bottles of 140ml Shoyu available for pre-order. Given the limited quantity, we encourage you to secure your bottle early and experience our dedication to our Shoyu.

    Don't miss out.  Pre-order now to indulge in the craftsmanship and tradition that goes into every drop.

    Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for supporting our journey in bringing traditional flavors to your table.

    📅 Pre-Order Deadline: 29th of February 2024
    📦 Availability: Only 20 bottles (140ml each)

    Reserve yours today and be part of this exclusive culinary journey!




    無添加, 原味道


    利用最基本材料 (有機黃豆,有機小麥,海鹽, 水)

    古法釀製醬油, 長時間天然發酵, 利用大自然力量轉化各樣材料變為 "鮮", "甜" , "香" 

    經過四季 (春,夏,秋,冬) 不同季節及氣溫轉變. 

    令醬油變得更醇厚, 鮮甜, 有變化性. 並不死鹹. 
    配合各食材, 發揮, 提升本身鮮味


    醬油類別: 濃口醬油 (一番榨)

    釀製時間: 360日以上

    成分: 有機黃豆, 有機小麥, 海鹽, 水 (100% 澳洲材料, 澳洲製造)


    保存: 建議開封後一個月內使用, 開封後需冷藏


    - 清蘸, (白灼用, 蒸魚, 刺身...)  

    - 醃製調味 (肉類)

    - 調味: 煎蛋, 白飯


      GST Included


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