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Cinwaan Scallion Oil        淺灣蔥油 - COMING SOON
  • Cinwaan Scallion Oil 淺灣蔥油 - COMING SOON

    Cinwaan Scallion Oil


    Combined and infused 4 different types of aromatic Onion "Green onion (Spring Onion), Shallot, Leeks and Onion" The Scallion oil is one of the most versatile aromatic ingredient in cooking as well as dressing in Chinese, Asian cooking.


    The most classic dishes of using Scallion onion it has to be "Scallion Oil Noodle" (蔥油拌麵), The Scallion oil simply adding soy sauce and sugar, mixed in with freshly cooked noodle (drained) and topping up with even more scallion oil. The heat from the noodle bring out the delicious aromatic that no one can resisted.


    The scallion oil can also be use in all kind of dishes such as use as a umami dressing for salad, finishing oil for pasta, and marinating meat or veggie etc....



    淺灣蔥油 - 以四種不同香氣蔥種製作, 各取長處

    蔥油可以稱為"萬用油", 適合在不同環境或烹調方法. 

    拌麵, 沙律Dressing, 意粉 Finishing Oil, 醃肉, 蒸魚調味(配合醬油使用)...等等各種不同用途. 


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