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Canton Style - Crunchy Chili Oil           辛鮮 - 廣式辣油  180g
  • Canton Style - Crunchy Chili Oil 辛鮮 - 廣式辣油 180g

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    Canton Style Chili Oil is less emphasizes on crazy spicy heat, but more focus on creating umami and works together with the food that you dipping in, this chilli oil makes every bite taste next level.

    The crunchy fried garlic has enhance the chilli oil aroma and adds the extra crunchy texture, make sure to add them in every bites. 


    Ingredients: Chilli, dried scallop, dried shrimp, garlic and peanut oil

    How to use: Mix with noodle (Dry or Soup Style), dripping oil (Wonton, meat or steak), Mix with rice dishes. Fried rice and many more


    Refrigerate after opening


    廣式辣油 - 重點在於, 鮮, 香, 辣, 配合其食材, 將每一啖味道提鮮,

    炸香的小脆蒜香, 令整個辣油香氣全面提升, 增加口感
    食一小啖, 已經令你停不了口, 不能自拔. 


    材料: 辣椒, 元貝, 蝦, 蒜, 花生油

    使用建議: 拌麵, 蘸醬 (如: 雲吞, 肉類...), 拌飯, 炒飯...等等等




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