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Shoyu Pan-Grilled Oyster Mushrooms Recipe


- Oyster Mushrooms (Thinly sliced; make light crosswise cuts without slicing all the way through)

- Shoyu (Soy Sauce)

- Spring Onions (Diced)

- Oil

Cooking Instructions:

1. Prepare the Pan: Heat a pan over medium heat and add oil to coat the bottom.

2. Sear the Mushrooms: Place the oyster mushrooms in the pan without overcrowding them. This ensures even searing on each side. Regularly flip the mushrooms to prevent them from burning. The goal is to get a nice sear on each side while keeping the mushrooms juicy.

3. Add Shoyu: Once the mushrooms have softened and their juices begin to emerge, add shoyu both directly onto the mushrooms and around the sides of the pan. This method allows the shoyu to heat up and infuse the mushrooms with its rich aroma. Continue flipping the mushrooms to ensure they absorb the shoyu evenly.

4. Plating: After the mushrooms are well-coated with the shoyu and have absorbed its flavor, turn off the heat. Transfer the mushrooms to a serving dish, making sure to drizzle them with all the reduced shoyu from the pan for added flavor.

5. Garnish and Serve: Finally, sprinkle the diced spring onions over the top of the mushrooms for a fresh, aromatic finish.

Enjoy your Shoyu Pan-Grilled Oyster Mushrooms as a delightful side dish or a savory vegan main course. The deep flavors of the shoyu and the texture of the mushrooms make this dish a simple yet sophisticated addition to any meal.

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