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Shoyu Grilled Onigiri (Rice Balls)

Updated: Feb 29

Not sure what to do with the left over rice? and want to make something tasting without much of ingredients?

All you need for this recipe is only rice, shoyu (soy sauce), and bit of mirin and a fried pan.. the grilled rice ball not only tasty inside with the soy sauce, the highlight is the crispy outside that really make it so tasty. Ingredients

- Rice (left over or fresh)

- Shoyu (Soy Sauce) 40ml

- Mirin 15ml

- Chicken stock powder 1g

How to Cook

1. Heat up the rice.

2. Mix the soy sauce, mirin and chicken stock powder together and heat it up a little bit and mix well.

3. once the rice ready, mix in enough sauce to the rice, but not too much, coat each grain of rice with sauce.

4. Make it into a onigiri or rice ball, with hand or with any onigiri tools.

5. Heat up the fried pan with old, place the onigiri and brown to crispy for all sides.

唔知點處理剩低嘅飯?想用最少嘅材料整啲好味嘢?呢個食譜只需要飯、醬油(豉油)同少少嘅味醂同煎鍋... 燒飯糰唔單止入面有醬油味,最特別嘅係外皮香脆,真係好味到爆。



醬油 40ml

味醂 15ml

雞粉 1g

1. 將飯加熱。

2. 醬油、味醂同雞粉混合好,加熱少少,攪拌均勻。

3. 飯準備好後,將足夠嘅醬汁拌入飯中,但唔好太多,確保每粒飯都被醬汁包裹。

4. 將飯捏成飯糰或飯團,可以用手或飯糰工具。

5. 加熱煎鍋,加油,將飯糰放入,兩面煎到金黃香脆。

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