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First Press Soy Sauce Round 2 & 3 Tasting

After the the first round tasting completed last week, we shifted up our gear to invited 2 more groups of friend to help on the tasting and give feedback to my soy sauce.

This round of tasting we have compared against 2 more soy sauce

- One of the biggest commercial soy sauce brand from Hong kong

- One traditional crafted organic soy sauce brewery from near Tokyo area.

It was super interesting to dive deep into tasted.

We have done

- Pure soy sauce taste

- Soy Sauce with cold food

- Soy Sauce with hot food

I am amazed almost immediately my friends was surprised how soy sauce would have tasted so much different, different characters in all sort of areas, the saltness, sweetness, balance, aftertaste。many many more.

And the first time that they can feel there are some soy sauce although it does tasted "like" soy sauce, but can immediately tell the taste were "Added after"

They gives clues on why, some brand of soy sauce price would be so low in compare to other brands.

Super luckily that my soy sauce so far have been the favorite and most prefer soy sauce for now in the 3 rounds of tasting。

Well it is a good start.

I am starting to extracting slightly more soy sauce from the first batch, next I will need larger tasting group and to compare with some higher reputation soy sauce brands to find out more.

That's mean i can eat more。haha I cannot wait.

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